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Part 1
Fenix TX is Willie Salazar (vocals, guitar), Damon Delapaz (guitar), Adam Lewis (bass), Donnie Reyes (drums).  Originally formed in Houston, TX in 1995 under the name Riverfenix, the band got together for reasons near and dear to the heart of all aspiring rock 'n rollers: to avoid having to get boring, dead - end day jobs, and as a cure for intense boredom.
The band moved to San Diego, CA where their first fortunes took a turn for the better.  They signed with California indie label Drive Thru Records and came to the attention of Blink 182's Mark Hoppus, who became their manager.  "Speechless," a single from their self - titled album debut was released in 1997, receiving significant airplay, which lead to their signing by MCA.
In 1999, MCA re - released Fenix TX (the band's name was changed to avoid possible legal conflicts with the estate of the late actor River Phoenix), augmented with two newly - recorded tracks.
David Kuner (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Part 2
During the 2000 tour the band decided to makes changes in it's line - up.  They came to the decision that Donnie Reyes (drummer) would no longer be a part of the band.  Damon would take over drum duties and the guitar tech, James Love, would become a part of Fenix TX as the new guitarist.

Current Line - up:
Willie-vocals, guitar